Trauma Rehabilitation

Trauma Rehabilitation Support for Major Trauma Recovery

At MTSP, we recognise that recovery, often referred to as rehabilitation, is critical for major trauma patients.

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Access to private rehab, free of charge

If you are able to pursue a personal injury compensation claim, one of the major benefits is getting access to enhanced private rehabilitation, above and beyond that which the NHS will provide.

Patients tell us that the most important thing after injury is their recovery and making the best possible rehabilitation. With the MTSP’s support and our trusted legal partners, we go the extra mile to expedite your access to free private rehabilitation services. We have developed a unique streamlined process only available at MTSP hospitals which will expediate your access to free private healthcare. Speak with your MTSP Adviser to find out more about how this could work for you.

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Comprehensive major trauma rehabilitation services

Whether you choose to make a personal injury claim or not, there are a wide range of support services that are able to help you and your family, both in the short term and longer term. Rehabilitation is not just physical; it’s emotional; its financial and vocational.

The MTSP has developed a comprehensive patient directory for each of the hospitals where work with a huge range of public, private and charitable organisations who are there for trauma patients. Our MTSP Adviser can guide you through this or you can take a look yourself online, simply choose your hospital and then the type of support you are looking for. In addition to the organisations shown in our directory, our Advisers have access to a range of charities who can provide very specific financial support for trauma patients. Sometimes this support is short term financial help, sometimes it can support acces to care or rehabilitation. Speak to your MTSP Adviser to find out more about how we can support your rehabilitation journey.

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Steve’s rehabilitation journey

Fitness enthusiast and motorcyclist Steve Rouson faced uncertainty after a car accident led to a serious leg injury. Introduced to the Major Trauma Signposting Service (MTSP) during his hospital stay, Steve quickly received support. An adviser outlined available services and connected him with a lawyer who secured funding for immediate rehabilitation

“The input from the trauma team and lawyer definitely enhanced my recovery by giving me a springboard to get moving again.”

Steve Rouson, MTSP Service User

Charitable support for emotional rehabilitation

We acknowledge the emotional challenges that come with recovery. The MTSP has established partnerships with reputable charities that specialise in emotional rehabilitation. These charities are equipped to provide the emotional support you and your family need during your recovery journey.

Other trauma support services

At the MTSP, we’re committed to supporting you not only on your legal journey but throughout your recovery.

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Financial Support

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Rehab Support

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Emotional Support

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