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Choosing a lawyer - a checklist


Traumatic injuries is any injury that occurs suddenly without warning. Major trauma are injuries that are severe, life-threatening and often life changing. The most common causes are falls and road traffic collisions but they also are often caused by injuries to the head, spine, chest or bones. What ever their cause, major trauma injuries require immediate medical attention and can often have long-lasting impact on the patients physical and psychological well-being. Recovery from major trauma injuries can be a long process involving rehabilitation, vocational support, physical therapy, and counselling. As a result the patients family are often significantly affected by major trauma.

Major trauma support is comprehensive specialist care and assistance provided to patients who have experienced major trauma injuries. The major trauma support is provided by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including trauma surgeons, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and social workers.

The goal is to support all the needs of major trauma patients, including their physical, emotional, and psychological needs and facilitate their recovery and rehabilitation. The MTSP is not about fixing a patient’s physical injuries – that’s the job of NHS clinical teams. We’re here to help a patient and families navigate the challenges facing them following a major trauma event.

At the MTSP, we stand firm in providing free support to all trauma patients in the hospitals we serve, with no financial obligations ever placed on patients or their family to use the service or when using any aspect of the service. This includes if you ever instruct a MTSP approved lawyer for advice. Whereas most firms will take a success fee or shortfall from any compensation claims you make , the MTSP lawyers wont charge you any fees when claiming against an insurance company e.g as a result of an accident at work. The MTSP is free to all patients in the Major Trauma Centres where we work – click here to see which hospitals. We are able to help patients at any other Major Trauma Centre, but it wont be bedside support as we don’t have Advisers in every hospital.

The duration of a personal injury claim for any type injury can vary significantly depending on various factors. These factors include the complexity of the event that caused your injury, the severity of the injuries, the availability of evidence, the cooperation of the parties involved, and the legal processes used for making the claim. As a broad guide even a very minor injury will take many months to complete, whereas a severe injury will likely take many years. Injuries to children will always take much longer than injuries to adults to fully settle. If you are thinking of selecting a lawyer to help you with this why not download our guide “How to choose a personal injury lawyer” which has all the questions and the answers you need to know when making this important decision. If you are still in hospital your MTSP Adviser can give you a copy and provide further advice and support on the process.

The MTSP is designed to reduce the burden on NHS clinicians and improve the patient pathway through trauma.

  • By reducing the anxiety and distress of patients we make their job of treating treating a patient easier
  • By managing many common welfare issues, we avoid NHS staff having to do this themselves
  • Through in service training for NHS colleagues on welfare issues affecting trauma patients
  • By facilitating earlier discharge from hospital via coordinated external services and grant funding
  • By providing free access to Re.Source the NHS rehabilitation database to improve the patient rehabilitation pathway

The NHS is great at saving lives. In fact, Major Trauma Centre have increased survival rates by 48% for some serious injuries! However supporting patients with financial, housing, employment and benefits is simply not something the NHS can or should have to manage for patients. The MTSP service is designed to support NHS staff and its patients to improve the overall patient experience and reduce the workload on already stretched NHS frontline staff.

  • We are not a charity, so we are not fighting to raise funds and competing with NHS own hospital charities for precious donations
  • Our service is well established and provides an out of the box solution for Major Trauma Centres. Some hospitals have tried to mimic the MTSP and do it themselves, which has taken many years to go live and is not as comprehensive or governed to the same standards
  • Our governance is very high, this protects patients who use our service or any of the organisations we recommend to them
  • The MTSP works to the same data security standards the NHS and so patient data is safe and secure with us
  • A proven track record of high quality service delivery since 2016, no hospital has ever stopped using the MTSP or looked to change who delivers it for them
  • Access to unique support by way of training and the Re.Source NHS rehabilitation database support all patients rehabilitation pathway through the NHS

The needs of trauma patients are very specific. Some are worried about the welfare of their pets, others about their jobs, and some people face becoming homeless. The MTSP service is comprehensive and provides assistance to patients with whatever issues they are facing, both in the short term and the longer term. MTSP Advisers are trained to understand the future implications that injuries can have on peoples lives and the services that can help manage them.

We’re here to help patients and their families navigate the challenges facing them following a major trauma event with real world practical, financial and legal assistance. Just contact your hospitals MTSP team and they will be there for you.