after he was hit by a car on his way to work

The car hit him sideways, knocking him off his bike. This resulted in injuries so severe, he had to have his leg amputated. Noel, from Tonbridge, was treated at the King’s College Hospital Major Trauma Centre where staff weren’t sure if he would survive. In addition to severing a main artery in his leg, the accident also left him with two punctured lungs and multiple fractured ribs.

It was clear while in intensive care that Noel wouldn’t be able to return to work for some time – if at all. His injuries were life changing to the extent that he would need help to live a ‘normal’ life. Not only were there practical implications, but also emotional and financial ones to come to terms with. Then there was the legal side of things – the driver of the car which ploughed into Noel caused the accident, meaning that Noel could open a case for compensation.

It was while Noel was in intensive care that his brother was referred by hospital staff to the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership (MTSP). A member of the MTSP team met with the family the same day and told them about the three law firms they work with. She then asked the family to choose one. The MTSP adviser got in touch with that particular firm and the legal and financial help Noel would so badly need was kickstarted.

After seven weeks at King’s College Hospital Noel received spinal treatment and rehab at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital. Behind the scenes his legal team and case manager made sure the equipment he needed would be ready for him when he left hospital. They also ensured there was funding for continued rehab. This meant that after almost nine months in hospital a grateful Noel could finally return home to wife Emily and son Murray, 5.

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