Major Trauma Emotional Support

Compassionate Support for Your Major Trauma Recovery Journey

A traumatic injury doesn’t just impact the individual; it touches the lives of their family and friends. At MTSP, we recognise the importance of providing assistance, no matter how small, to make a significant difference in your recovery journey.

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Mental health support for families and trauma patients provided by Health Assured

Our Free Emotional Support Services, provided by Health Assured, serve as a lifeline for both you and your immediate family. The Health Assured helpline is a free telephone support service that connects you with British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) registered counsellors, ready to assist with a range of issues.

We understand that being admitted to a trauma centre can be an anxious time, and our support is designed to help you cope effectively.

trauma rehabilitation

Additional emotional support

MTSP has forged partnerships with local charities affiliated with the hospitals we work with. By identifying your hospital, you can discover additional resources and support tailored to your needs. We believe that a collaborative approach, involving both our services and those of our partner charities, ensures comprehensive and personalised assistance for you and your family.

Other trauma support services

At MTSP, we’re committed to supporting you not only on your legal journey but throughout your recovery.

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Financial Support

major trauma centres UK

Rehab Support

major trauma centres UK

Emotional Support

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