Kings College Hospital Directory of Services

After Trauma is a web-based service that aims to provide a community for patients and families to rebuild lives and support each other after experiencing a traumatic injury. The website also contains information and resources to help survivors and families on the recovery journey.

Bereavement Advice Centre is a free helpline and web-based information service to help with the many issues and procedures that face people after the death of someone close.

They give helpful information and advice on many practical issues, such as how to deal with the coroner’s office, death certificates, probate, tax issues as well as coping with grief.

Citizens Advice is a national charity that provides free, confidential and independent advice, to help people overcome their problems. The Citizens Advice service helps over 2.7 million people each year via its face to face, telephone and website based support services.

There is a national network of 300 offices where you can visit to receive support and information on a broad range of issues. Common reasons why people contact Citizens Advice are debt, housing, benefits, immigration, problems at work, consumer or legal issues.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is designed to compensate blameless victims of violent crime in Great Britain. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, CICA, administers the Scheme and decides all claims. Applicants do not need paid representatives such as a solicitor or claims management company to apply for compensation. For most people the application process should take no longer than 20 minutes.

You must apply within 2 years of the event taking place, and have reported the crime to the Police.

Debt Advice Foundation is a registered national debt advice and education charity offering free, confidential support and advice to anyone worried about loans, credit and debt. The advice they provide is impartial and based solely on what is best for the individual.

Knowing your statutory and legal rights is relevant to everyone, but when you have a disability, knowing what you are entitled to receive financially, your employment rights and being treated fairly can be very complicated.

Disability Rights UK is an organisation that provides independent advice on your rights and entitlements. They have a comprehensive website with lots of information and guides on specific topics and they also lobby and push for change to help improve the rights of disabled people in the UK more generally.

DLF is the UK’s leading source of impartial information and expert advice on independent living. A national charity, they have built up over 50 years an unparalleled range of information on daily living equipment and other useful advice for people who might need some help in living their live to the full.

With a huge range of equipment available, sometimes it can be confusing. How do you know what is available? Where do you go to buy equipment? How do you know what is right for you? How do you know if a supplier is reputable? DLF provides all the answers to these questions.

Health Help Now aims to help people find the right service in the South East of England for their health needs, especially when they need medical help fast, but it is not a life-threatening emergency.

Forty per cent of visits to Accident and Emergency departments (A&E) do not result in any treatment. National statistics suggest that a large proportion of those visits to A&Es could have been dealt with better by a different NHS service – such as pharmacists, GPs, or minor injuries nurses.

Health Help Now has been developed with input from local GPs, hospital doctors, and other health professionals. It lists common symptoms and offers suggestions for treatment. The one which works best for most people is listed first and the other suggestions follow in order. Health Help Now then links through to local services, and shows whether they are open or closed and their location.

By using Health Help Now you are helping the NHS save A&E for those who really need it, and saving yourself time in accessing the right kind of care.

People Hub works to ensure that people with long-term health conditions and disabilities have the chance to shape their lives by making the decisions about their health and wellbeing that matter most to them. Personal health budgets are a powerful way of achieving this, enabling the patient to choose what, when and where healthcare is provided. This can be a confusing process and one that many people need help with. People Hub provides a lot of information and help in supporting you to understand the process.

If you are a civil servant, past or present, or you work for an organisation that is sponsored by a government department, you may be eligible to apply for help from The Charity for Civil Servants.

It is estimated that there are up to 4 million people eligible to apply for help from the charity who provide assistance with debt, care, and general wellbeing.

The Lighthouse Charity is dedicated to providing financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families who have suffered an injury or long term illness or simply need a helping hand.

The charity receives no public funding and relies on the generosity of those within the industry to help it continue. As well as providing an emergency financial aid service, the charity also provides advice and support on issues such as stress and addiction, tax related issues relating to employment, support with career changes and occupational health and wellbeing issues.