Jane’s Story

Following extensive medical and financial support for a horrific hit and run incident Jane* is living independently again and even managed to return to work for the same company.

Jane spent a week in Neuro Intensive Care after a hit and run car accident resulted in being admitted to St Georges Hospital.

She then had further treatment involving the Maxillofacial team, Physiotherapist Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists. It was just two weeks after admission that Jane met with the hospitals MTSP Adviser. She arranged for a special solicitor to meet with Jane.

The accident was recorded as a “hit and run,” but police eventually traced the driver of the hire car involved. Although he initially denied involvement, his phone records showed he was present at the time Jane was hit. He later admitted his guilt in failing to stop to help her. His insurer’s have admitted full liability and since then have paid Jane £260,000 in four interim payments to fund her rehabilitation.

After two months in hospital Jane went to live with her parents. She was able to live independently but it was clear both her cognition and memory were impaired. Other problems included fatigue, difficulty sleeping, vestibular impairment and some left-sided weakness.

Jane was referred to the Wolfson Cognitive Rehabilitation Programme. She receives treatment from specialists to help with motor skills. A taxi is funded by the insurers to take her to these appointments. Jane also has regular private sessions with a neuropsychologist and pays a number of visits to a speech and language therapist.

Prior to her accident Jane had lived in a shared flat. She has since moved to another flat share but needs two rooms since her problems with concentration and fatigue necessitate a lot of privacy. The insurers are paying for the second room and furnishings.

Jane was unable to return to her role as an IT project assistant for a professional services company (although this remains her ultimate goal). In the meantime, with the help of an Occupational Therapist, she recovered enough to take on voluntary work with a charity. A paid part-time admin role was then created for her in finance department of the company she was working with at the time of the accident. The job began in April 2021.

Happily, Jane’s recovery is progressing well as she learns to manage her fatigue, get more sleep and use coping strategies for her cognitive difficulties. Jane and her family couldn’t be happier with all the help they received from the professional clinical and health teams at the hospital, as well as the MTSP Adviser, who was able to provide much needed support at a very stressful time.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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