I work in trauma care

The MTSP will provide an adviser who works alongside the clinical teams at your hospital. They are able to help with issues that patients often face such as:

• Housing problems
• Concerns about employment
• Money worries
• Getting rehabilitation
• State benefits

Our Principles & Goals


To facilitate an improved service experience for trauma patients, their families and carers of the major trauma pathway.


To evidence the benefits to the NHS and patients of early welfare and personal injury community involvement for seriously injured patients on:

a) Levels of satisfaction, anxiety and long term health and vocational outcomes.

b) Reduced workload and burden on frontline NHS staff.


To protect the Trust and their patients through robust governance.

The Benefits

Key outcomes and benefits to the NHS staff working with the MTSP include:

• Protecting the patients
• Protecting the NHS
• Reducing patient anxiety, and helping to improve the experience for trauma patients and their families
• Discharge times and potential for a reduced length of stay for the patient
• Provides patient and their family with on site support from Citizens Advice
• Early access to rehab services through personal injury process where applicable

Re.Source Database

Another benefit of the MTSP is the use of the Re.Source database, a unique online database of NHS rehabilitation services that provides Major Trauma Centres with immediate access to a nationwide directory of NHS services, their referral contact details and often downloadable referral forms.

• Saves valuable time
• Ensures patients get referred to the correct local service
• Improves co-ordination of care
• Reduces waiting time for patients

In line with improving the care pathway for trauma patients, Re.Source is available at no cost to hospitals who have implemented the MTSP scheme.

Average referral time reduced from 60 minutes to 3 minutes

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