I am a patient or providing support

What can the MTSP help with?

Recovery – Getting all the help you can to get better.

Recovery, often referred to as rehabilitation, is one of the most important things for patients. It is unique and ranges from treatments to home adaptations and psychological support. The MTSP is on hand to make patients aware of services available to aid their rehabilitation from public, charity and private sectors.

Family – Do you need help and support?

A serious injury can affect many people. Sometimes your family and friends will need their own support to help you cope with life or work after you return home. We understand that getting the right assistance when you need it, no matter how small can make a big difference.

As a result of an injury you may have questions about compensation, court of protection, employment rights or financial issues resulting from your injury. The legal process is often slow with getting you the help you need, therefore getting good advice quickly is essential. The MTSP can give you access to free legal advice to help you decide what to do next.

Benefits – Am I eligible for State Benefits?

As a result of an injury or ill-health you may be able to claim benefits that you were previously not entitled to. We can offer you information and advice about which benefits could help you and your family and how to claim them.

Housing – Are you having trouble with your housing needs or landlord?

We can guide you on the best course of action to take and support you with any applications for local authority provided housing, disputes, homelessness or mortgage difficulties.

Debt – Are you in debt or struggling to make payments whilst in hospital?

Paying bills, rent or your mortgage can become difficult when you are in hospital. We can provide you with guidance on how you can manage your financial situation and deal with your creditors.

Employment – Are you concerned about how your employer might respond to your circumstances?

We are here to help you with understanding your employment rights, sick pay and other work related issues.

To find out how please contact the MTSP Advisers at your hospital.