Coordinated by the MTSP, professionals and agencies did it for him. This ensured he could concentrate 100% on his recovery and not where he was going to live or afford to live.

As a single man in shared rented accommodation and with a zero-hours contract job (which he had worked in for three months), Ethan’s financial situation was threatened. At the same time, while not being a recipient of benefits and unsure if he was eligible for statutory sick pay, he was concerned he would lose his accommodation and be left homeless.

A Trauma Practitioner at RSCH referred Ethan to the MTSP service where he was soon visited by the MTSP Adviser. The Adviser contacted Ethan’s employer and presented him with the relevant medical certificate which meant Ethan could be signed up to receive sick pay. Ethan was also reassured that his job would be left open for him to return to once he was sufficiently recovered.

The MTSP Adviser also helped Ethan obtain Universal Credit to help with his housing costs by setting up an account for Ethan and filling out the benefit claim from his hospital bed. To verify the claim, the Adviser accompanied Ethan to Brighton Job Centre for an interview. This allayed any concerns Ethan had with his ability to communicate since he was still having speech difficulties.

As a result of all individuals and teams collaborating in Ethan’s case – Trauma Nurse Practitioner, Rehab Coordinator, SBI Nurse, Hospital Social Worker, DWP, MTSP and Citizens Advice – he didn’t have to worry about his financial or housing situation. With MTSP support in applying for the financial assistance he desperately needed, Ethan can now embark on what could be a long recovery from his injuries. Fortunately, he goes forward with the whole team there to support him.

Because of the referral to the MTSP, Ethan’s stress was reduced and he was able to avoid job loss and homelessness, which would have been likely with no intervention.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.