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How do I know which lawyer to choose?

Making a personal injury claim can be complicated and take a long time. After a major trauma it is important you have someone who understands you, your injury and the needs of your family, both now and in the future.

To assist you and your family, Cardinal Management have reviewed firms who specialise in helping people who have suffered major trauma. We have identified a number of local firms who we feel will give you the right kind of support from a legal and importantly from a rehabilitation perspective.

Each of the firms at your hospital are committed to helping you recover as well as making a successful claim. They are all subject to ongoing performance management and must report to the MTSP regularly to ensure patients are being supported effectively and at no cost.

Even if you do not wish to use any of our suggested firms, there are a number of things to ask and check before agreeing to let someone represent you. Ask to meet with your MTSP Adviser who can give you advice about this and a free copy of our “choosing a personal injury lawyer checklist”.

CL Medilaw are a specialist team of serious personal injury lawyers working as a part of Knights Plc legal services group.  We are challenging the traditional delivery of legal services so that we can put you, our client, first. We make the legal side of things as straightforward as possible and achieve outcomes that change the lives of our clients and their families for the better.

At CL Medilaw we employ recognised legal experts with decades of experience in dealing with serious injury claims, particularly those involving acquired head and brain injuries.  We are proud members of the Major Trauma Signposting Partnership programme. 

CL Medilaw can offer you a full range of services including family and employment matters, tax and trusts, wills and estates, property, dispute resolution, and support for vulnerable people.  We will always act with complete transparency so you will know what steps have been taken and what still needs to be done to achieve your goals.

Dean Wilson are members of the University Hospitals Sussex Major Trauma Signposting Partnership program. For over 100 years, their success has been founded upon their client focused approach, backed by the knowledge and expertise of their lawyers. They have a highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors who have dealt with some of the most serious and life changing types of accidents, and have excellent relationships with professionals within the rehabilitation community who understand serious injuries.

Dean Wilson recognise that rebuilding a life for their clients and their families is the most important part of any claim they deal with. Through their sympathetic and dedicated approach to their clients, they have built an excellent reputation as a leading specialist throughout the south-east of England. Clients can utilise their Court of Protection and Personal Injury Trusts teams. They also offer a wide range of other auxiliary departments to fully cater to their clients’ needs.