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Dorset Orthopaedic is an independent provider of prosthetic, orthotic, silicone and rehabilitation services, which means the NHS does not cover the costs of their services. You may be able to use an NHS Personal Care Fund to pay for their service if you have one.

Established in 1989, Dorset Orthopaedic have been helping people with limb loss to lead an active lifestyle thanks to the use of cutting edge technology. They have a number of clinics around the country, where patients can be fitted and test out prosthetic limbs. Their physiotherapy team works as part of a multi-disciplinary team of experts, ensuring that patients get the most suitable components and knowledge to ensure they achieve maximum mobility and independence.

People who have suffered a limb loss can now, thanks to modern prosthetics, participate in most physical activities. However, finding a sport or activity you enjoy and can take part in locally can be quite daunting. LimbPower run multi sports events, as well as sport specific events where people can come along and try a new activity in a safe and fun environment.

As well multi sport introduction events, LimbPower also provide more dedicated services to help you get into activities such as archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, football, golf, horse riding, sailing, tennis, volleyball and windsurfing.

The Limbless Association provides information and support to the limb-loss community. They support individuals of any age, whether they are about to have an amputation or are already living with congenital or acquired limb-loss, and offer assistance and information to carers, family members and friends if they require it. They support both the civilian and military population, and work closely with other UK charities to provide the best overall service for each individual.

They also provide a national association of friends and contemporaries through the Limbless Association membership system, and provide a single, unified voice for the UK limb-loss community, creating a national union and alliance for UK prosthetic patients.

Useful contact details for most of the NHS prosthetic limb centres, local user groups and local activity based groups, like swimming clubs, can all be found on its website.

Pace Rehabilitation provides a coordinated service to individuals who have sustained limb loss and/or serious limb injury, allowing them to reclaim their lives following life-changing events. Pace clinicians deal with a multitude of different cases, a large proportion of which have involved major trauma, and their treatment is often funded by third party insurers.

Their rehabilitation teams have significant experience in everything from elite sports to everyday mobility issues. They have a number of clinics but can also visit you at home. Pace is a private company and their services will require funding, as they are not covered by the NHS.

This out-patient service, based at the Sussex Rehabilitation Centre at Brighton General Hospital, provides a prosthetic limb service to amputees and people with congenital limb loss. In addition it deals with pain management, wound healing and health screening to prevent further limb loss and carries out the production, maintenance and repair of artificial limbs. It also provides orthotic (surgical) appliances to patients attending the clinics at the centre. The purpose of the service is to enable patients with upper and lower limb loss to achieve and sustain maximum possible mobility, dexterity and independence. The service is for patients who have had an amputation or who have a congenital limb anomaly. The service sees patients of all ages.

T: 01273 242160
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Referral by surgeon or GP

This web based resource offers information and support for limb-loss patients living in Sussex. It has been written by users of the Sussex Rehabilitation Centre and covers benefits and entitlements; parents and families; resources and support; and young people. It provides signposting to useful services and links to other websites.

This service provides wheelchairs to people who have a permanent disability and whose ability to walk is therefore permanently restricted. The wheelchair service will loan a wheelchair to anyone who has a long term mobility problem and is classified as unable, or virtually unable to walk indoors or outdoors. Short-term wheelchair loans (less than 6 months) are not provided. The seating service is provided for wheelchair clients to assist with postural support or pressure relief to improve function and to limit the progression of deformity / pressure injury. The seating service is for any wheelchair / pushchair user who has a complex permanent physical impairment whose needs cannot be met by standard commercially available equipment.

T: 01273 242155
Out of hours: 01323 847250
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