Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Directory of Services

How do I know which lawyer to choose?

Making a personal injury claim can be complicated and take a long time. After a major trauma it is important you have someone who understands you, your injury and the needs of your family, both now and in the future.

To assist you and your family, Cardinal Management have reviewed firms who specialise in helping people who have suffered major trauma. We have identified a number of local firms who we feel will give you the right kind of support from a legal and importantly from a rehabilitation perspective.

Each of the firms at your hospital are committed to helping you recover as well as making a successful claim. They are all subject to ongoing performance management and must report to the MTSP regularly to ensure patients are being supported effectively and at no cost.

Even if you do not wish to use any of our suggested firms, there are a number of things to ask and check before agreeing to let someone represent you. Ask to meet with your MTSP Adviser who can give you advice about this and a free copy of our “choosing a personal injury lawyer checklist”.

CFG Law empower people to rebuild their lives after injury, offering highly specialised legal services in serious injury and Court of Protection.

However, their experience covers so much more than law. They also have clinically trained colleagues who can help with full wraparound support, ensuring you can achieve your best possible outcome.

CFG Law are based in Cheadle, and are a member of the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Trust Major Trauma Signposting Partnership programme.

Serious Injury Law is an acclaimed UK law practice specialising in catastrophic injury cases. Ranked in the Legal 500, they focus on brain and spinal injury, cerebral palsy and other serious injuries.

They provide a service that comprises expert legal assistance, together with a range of financial and after-case support, including the provision of rehabilitation, vocational training, and housing and transport adaptation.

Serious Injury Law are based in Bolton, and are a member of the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Trust Major Trauma Signposting Partnership programme.