Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Directory of Services

To help and support amputees in Liverpool and all areas of Merseyside. Our aim is to help as many amputees and carers as possible by offering support, advice and social contact through our Help & Advice Centre.

T: 0151 261 1166

The Amputation Foundation assists amputees with many of their support needs and provides information that will be relevant to starting a new life as an amputee. They provide information on benefits, legal advice, prosthetic centre advice, information, education and retraining and much more.
Blesma is a military charity for serving and ex-service men and women who have suffered life changing limb loss, an eye or loss of sight whilst serving for our country.
Provides support to children and adults whoi have lost a limb through 1:1 chat, Bader grants for financial support, experiences for children that encourage teamwork and participation for self-confidence, encourages participation in sport or teamwork so that participants can benefit from the social, physical and creative aspects of their involvement.

We support families affected by amputation or limb absence through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects designed to positively affect both physical and mental wellbeing. Isolation is a huge problem for many amputees. It has been proven that quality of life and even life expectancy is greatly reduced without social inclusion, with as many as 30% of vascular amputees not surviving to one-year post amputation. FYF is key in addressing this issue. We are directly saving lives.

People who have suffered a limb loss can now, thanks to modern prosthetics, participate in most physical activities. However, finding a sport or activity you enjoy and can take part in locally can be quite daunting. LimbPower run multi sports events, as well as sport specific events where people can come along and try a new activity in a safe and fun environment.

As well multi sport introduction events, LimbPower also provide more dedicated services to help you get into activities such as archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, football, golf, horse riding, sailing, tennis, volleyball and windsurfing.

Limbcare offer advice and peer support to amputee/limb impaired individuals, communities, families and others impacted around them. They provide advice on wellbeing, education, independent living, legacies/wills and equipment recycling.

The Limbless Association provides information and support to the limb-loss community. They support individuals of any age, whether they are about to have an amputation or are already living with congenital or acquired limb-loss, and offer assistance and information to carers, family members and friends if they require it. They support both the civilian and military population, and work closely with other UK charities to provide the best overall service for each individual.

They also provide a national association of friends and contemporaries through the Limbless Association membership system, and provide a single, unified voice for the UK limb-loss community, creating a national union and alliance for UK prosthetic patients.

Useful contact details for most of the NHS prosthetic limb centres, local user groups and local activity based groups, like swimming clubs, can all be found on its website.

Pace Rehabilitation provides a coordinated service to individuals who have sustained limb loss and/or serious limb injury, allowing them to reclaim their lives following life-changing events. Pace clinicians deal with a multitude of different cases, a large proportion of which have involved major trauma, and their treatment is often funded by third party insurers.

Their rehabilitation teams have significant experience in everything from elite sports to everyday mobility issues. They have a number of clinics but can also visit you at home. Pace is a private company and their services will require funding, as they are not covered by the NHS.

T: 0161 694 5921

UK Charity for amputees and those with limb difference providing grant support. Grants can provide access to equipment including prosthetics, equipment and services empowering them to live a life without limits.
Steel Bones connects the amputee community, creates friendships and provides an extensive proactive support network by sharing latest news on stump health, promote healthy and active lifestyles, signpost useful services, therapists, personal trainers, sports clubs and provide flexible career opportunities through partners and associates.