What is the MTSP?

The MTSP is a free service for any Major Trauma Centre patient to use. The MTSP Adviser is a healthcare professional who works alongside the clinical teams at your hospital and Citizens Advice Advisers. The MTSP Advisers can provide you with practical help and advice about how to access state benefits, how the compensation and legal process can be used to help your recovery and rehabilitation, housing immigration, debt or any issue that you are concerned about.


Your recovery, or rehabilitation as we call it, is often the most important thing for major trauma patients. It is unique to you, but might involve access to treatment or even adaptations to your home to help you live comfortably. Many patients do not realise that they can get funding to help them with their rehabilitation. The MTSP is on hand to make sure it supports the work of the NHS.


After a major trauma many people start to worry about money. People often ask “How will I pay my bills?” “What benefits am I entitled to?” “Will my employer continue to pay me whilst I recover?”. Working with the Citizens Advice we are available to support you with any concerns you have about your finances.


A serious injury can impact on many people, no more so than your family and friends. Sometimes your family will need support to help cope with life or work after a serious injury to a loved one. We understand that getting the right support, no matter how small, when you need it can make a big difference.


Will I ever work again? Will I lose my job? Will I be able to cope if I go back to work? These are very real issues for many seriously injured patients. You could get access to specialist help that is not available on the NHS or Jobcentre Plus to help you return to work, or find new more suitable work.

To find out how please contact the MTSP Advisers at your hospital:

0330 043 2839 | BSUH@cardinal-ltd.co

0330 043 4849 | CUH@cardinal-ltd.co

0330 043 7679 | UHCW@cardinal-ltd.co

London – Kings College Hospital:
0330 043 5859  |  KCH@cardinal-ltd.co

London – St Georges Hospital:
0330 043 9879  |  SGH@cardinal-ltd.co

0330 043 7879  |  MFT@cardinal-ltd.co

How can a lawyer help me recover?

The NHS will do its very best for every patient, but there are times when delays can occur or services are not as comprehensive as you might want. If you have the right to make a claim for compensation, lawyers can help you get the extra care and support that could speed up your recovery.

How do I know which lawyer to choose?

Making a personal injury claim can be complicated and take a long time. After a major trauma it is important you have someone who understands you, your injury and the needs of your family, both now and in the future.

To assist you and your family, Cardinal Management have reviewed firms who specialise in helping people who have suffered major trauma. We have identified a number of local firms who we feel will give you the right kind of support from a legal and importantly from a rehabilitation perspective.

Each of the firms at your hospital are committed to helping you recover as well as  making a successful claim.  They are all subject to ongoing performance management and must report to the MTSP regularly to ensure patients are being supported effectively and at no cost.

Even if you do not wish to use any of our suggested firms, there are a number of things to ask and check before agreeing to let someone represent you. Ask to meet with your MTSP Adviser who can give you advice about this and a free copy of our “choosing a personal injury lawyer checklist”.

How is the MTSP funded?

The MTSP is free to all trauma patients at the hospitals where we work.  You will never be asked to pay for any of the services we provide to a patient or their family.   Cardinal Management who operate the MTSP at each hospital, receives a significant proportion of its funding from members of the legal panel who are associated to each hospital.  The funding is used to provide the MTSP service to all patients, irrespective of whether they require legal advice, in fact, over 75% of the patients who access the MTSP service do not require legal advice.

The MTSP Advisers in each hospital are not incentivised to recommend to a patient they take up legal advice, they are there to support patients and their families who are having a bad day and to make it a little bit better.

Who is Cardinal Management?

Cardinal Management Ltd is a company who operate the MTSP service for NHS hospitals.  The hospital has requested that Cardinal provide the service to their patients as it provides valuable emotional and practical support to trauma patients that would otherwise not be available via the NHS.   You can find further information about Cardinal at cardinal-management.co.uk.